Small Business Website Design

Professional Unique Design
(We don't use any premade templates unless you ask to use any selected template from the internet).

Number of Pages
Number of web pages included in your website.

up to 5
Once we designed your website layout you have may ask a changes.
3 times
Free Hosting
We provide professional hosting space, it is included in price,
Email account (50MB)
Your personal email account with
We update your website when you need it! No need to learn HTML or any Software. Updates can be schedule upon request. Updates include text edits, photo edits, color edits, design edits and more! Maintenance hours are charged at an affordable $20 hourly rate. Bundle of hours can also be purchased at an affordable discounted price.
Delivery Time
How many days take project completion.
10 days
Monthly Fee (optional)
With monthly payment plan, you are paying once a month for your hosting & services. Monthly hosting and maintanance fee starts when your website is completed and live! This is optinal charge, you may skip this if you already have hosting and don't need offered 3 hours free maintanance a year.
Set Up Fee
This fee include the technical resources necessary to create, design, program and setup your website.


Even when you start a business on a small scale, you still need to do everything in a professional manner. Most people make the big mistake of not paying attention to really crucial details when they embark on the new business. The reason is that they wish to keep the costs low. However, keeping the costs low does not necessarily mean that you have to execute things in an unprofessional manner.

If you plan everything in an orderly manner, you will soon realize that you have been able to accomplish everything within the shoestring budget that you had planned for the set up of your small business.


I really love working with Zaur. I must admit, I was leery about hiring someone off the internet without meeting them, but I am glad I took the chance!  He used our visions and made our site exactly as we asked and the program he uses for us to update the site, is extremely user friendly!  I would highly recommend Zaur to any friend or colleague is need of web design.  Angela Kohut