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Outputting registration colors

    If you want to print a color on all plates in the printing process, including spot color plates, you can convert it into a registration color. Registration color is typically used for crop marks and trim marks. (See Setting crop marks and trim marks.)

To output registration color:

  1. Select the object on which you want to apply registration color.
  2. Choose Window > Swatches.
  3. In the Swatches palette, click the Registration color swatch The registration swatch , located in the first row of swatches. The selected objects are converted into registration color objects.
  4. To change the on-screen appearance of the registration color from the default black, use the Color palette.
  5. Note: The color you specify will be used for representing registration-colored objects on the screen. These objects will always print as gray on composites and as an equal tint of all inks in separations.

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